Gavin Scott

  • Home town: Boerne, Texas
  • Gun: Zoli Z Sport
  • Preferred Shells:Bornaghi

Gavin currently attends Lindenwood University and is on the shotgun team. He started shooting Helice at the age of 14 thanks to Jack East. While he travels a lot for shooting clay sports for Lindenwood he looks for any open weekend to find a Helice shoot he can make. Gavin grew up in a famliy of avid outdoor sportsman and has had a pellet gun, shotgun, rifle, bow or fishing pole in his hands since he was 6. A gun, pole or bow in his hands has been more of a way of life than a hobby. He loves to hunt and fish and lives to do shotgun sports. 

  • 2016 Made Helice Team USA
  • 2016 Championships of Americas, Junior Gold Medalist
  • 2015 Made Helice Team USA
  • 2015 World Cup Champion, Junior Division
  • 2015 World Cup Championship, Junior Team Gold Medalist
  • 2015 Grandprix Open & Junior, Gold Medalist
  • 2015 World Championship, Junior Division Silver Medalist

When I was 11, I got involved in my first competitive shooting through 4H and immediately loved it. I was not happy unless I was getting a 1st place medal in every event I competed in. I was first invited to my first Helice shoot when I was 14 and immediately fell in love with the discipline because I felt it was more like shooting real birds and rarely could even the best shooter get a perfect score.
​-Winning takes hard work, dedication, total obsession and does not happen by accident