Mimi Wilfong

USHA Secretary

  • • Hometown: Malakoff, Texas
  • • Gun: Perazzi MX8 (Special Duct Tape Stock Edition)
  • • Preferred Shells: B&P

Mimi started shooting trap and skeet with her brother and his friends in 4‑H when She was 12 years old!
She began shooting Olympic Trap when she was in high school and tried Helice soon thereafter. She was fortunate to be able to shoot while she was in college at Texas A&M (Class of '08 — WHOOP!).
Thanks to shooting, Mimi has been able to travel all over the US and the world,
too many places to list!
She has experienced a lot of success..
She has won a few national championships, and she has been women's world champion too many times to count. A lot.
But mostly I think shes known for beating a lot of guys, on a regular basis! 
Mimi has been on the National Helice Team every year since 2004! 
And is also on the Board of Directors for USHA.
If you've never tried helice, I encourage you to... NOW! It's a great sport, very challenging, and I guarantee you will meet some great people and have a lot of fun.
I have met tons of great people, and had great opportunities become available.
I'm constantly learning new things!