National Team Selection Process

National team selection process and terminology

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Rules & Regulations
A Sanctioned Event is a USHA-approved and scheduled competition in which USHA members
and non-members compete in accordance with the USHA Rules and Directives of June 2015.
A Selection Match is a single race within that event. Typically, there are two such matches per Sanctioned Event (one Saturday, one Sunday). A shooter must compete in five (5) Selection
Matches in order to achieve eligibility / ranked status. Only USHA members in good standing
shall see their scores count towards team standings.

As of October 16th 2017, a change will be made to the national team selection process. Only 3 sanctioned matches from a venue will be counted towards a shooters best 5 scores. This requires competitors to compete at a minimum of 2 different venues to qualify for USHA team consideration.
*As an example: if a shooter attends 4 weekend long events at gun club A, (for a total of 8 selection scores) and wins 1st place at each event, then attends 2 weekend long events at gun club B (total of 4 selection scores) and wins 10th place at each event, that shooter's national team ranking would include only 3 of the 1st place scores from gunclub A, and the remainig 2 scores would have to come from gun club B, (or gun club C, or D, or E if they had attended different events.)

Event Weight Factor (EWF)

A Selection Match's EWF is based upon the number of USHA member-competitors participating
in that particular match. The same EWF shall be applied to all shooters, regardless of category,
for a given match. The EWF matrix is as follows:​​

How the Ranking Process Works

The USHA will rank all of its members from top to bottom using the Team Match Point system.
This method will generate the Open Class rankings. From these rankings, the USHA will then
sub-rank the Women, Junior, and Veteran classes.

USHA Team Standings

Association members participating in sanctioned events (subject to the team selection process outlined here) will accumulate points toward earning a berth on the USHA National Team. The USHA shall publish these rankings, known as USHA Team Standings, on behalf of the membership and do so organized into the above-mentioned classes.
NOTE: USHA national team qualification policy states that points earned toward a national team berth are only awarded to USHA members in good standing.
The USHA Board of Directors reserves the right to modify the above process as required in order
to settle ties or resolve other unforeseen circumstances.

Team Selection Process

Based upon the Team Standings, the USHA shall annually select for its national team the top
five (5) Men, Women, Junior and Veteran competitors. Each team will be composed of three
(3) primary and two (2) alternate team members.
NOTE: The USHA shall subsidize only the primary team members for the Men, Women, and
Junior teams.

Qualifying Points (QP)

A shooter's QP is equal to his/her finishing place relative to all USHA member-competitors at a particular Selection Match, regardless of category...
QP = finishing place, but in points
(1st Place = 1pt, 2nd Place = 2pts, 6th Place = 6pts, etc.)

Match Points (MP)

MPs are the product of a shooter's Qualifying Points and the Event Weight Factor...

Total Match Points (TMP)

TMPs are simply the sum of a shooter's lowest five (5) Match Points earned throughout the
TMP = Sum of Lowest 5 MPs

Declining a Team Berth

In the event that a primary or alternate shooter declines his/her berth, the USHA will offer
the next shooter in line said berth until the pre-determined number of team members is established for a given team/category.

Funding and Entitlements

Annually USHA will fund US Helice teams (excluding alternates) to attend the world championship based on funding availiblity. The board of directors will determine this based on the availible budget and that announcement will be made no later than when the teams will be announced. 
The funded teams shall be awarded the following USHA-sponsored entitlements;
        1. *Recognition as a member of the US Helice Team
        2. *Reimbursement for a US Helice Team blazer jacket 
        3. *US Helice Team shooting vest 
        4. *Travel subsidies

*To be determined that year


In order for the Qualifying Match to be sanctioned by USHA, the event must be conducted per established USHA rules and regulations and receive USHA approval prior to event advertising/publication. This includes shooting from a common distance, common ring size and common target speed/setting (allowing for weather conditions). USHA referees must preside. All USHA decisions regarding event eligibility shall be final.



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